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Nara naulakko, musta

Nara naulakon rakenteen ja visuaalisen olemuksen taustalla on pyrkimys luoda minimaalisen rakenteen avulla maksimaalinen tuki. Naulakon suunnittelija Shin Azumi on halunnut Nara-huonekaluillaan japanilaisuuden lisäksi kunnioittaa perinteistä ja minimalistista, skandinaavista huonekalusuunnitelua sekä tammipuun veistoksellista kauneutta. Nimensä huonekalut ovat saaneet myyttisestä peurasta, joka tarujen mukaan muinoin asusti Japanin ensimmäisen pääkaupungin, Naran metsissä.

Mitat: korkeus 180 cm, leveys 32 cm, syvyys 42 cm

Materiaali: petsattu tammi, maalattu teräsjalka

Väri: mustA

Design: Shin Azumi

Valmistaja: Fredericia

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853,00 €
Nara Coat Stand The initial concept for the Nara series was to create minimal structure while providing maximum support. Shin Azumi wanted to express the sculptural beauty of solid timber and create comfortable furniture from a simple wooden design. Thus the Nara series pays homage to traditional Scandinavian design while at the same time creating a new aesthetic language of its own. Shin Azumi Shin Azumi MORE ABOUT THE FURNITURE Shin Azumi has always valued 20th century Danish furniture architects, and during his training he analysed chairs by Mogensen, Wegner, Jacobsen and Ditzel. When we asked him to design a chair he accepted with a certain degree of reverence. Yet the result speaks for itself. Using his own logic, he succeeded in creating a new version of the wooden chair that is much more besides an exquisite piece of furniture. Behind the stringent, simple design a more complex logic can be discovered. When you sit in a chair, your spine is normally forced to subject itself to the shape of the chair. Yet this is not the case with Nara. While developing the design Azumi discovered that the shape of the chair could support the muscles and ligaments around the spine, and thereby ensure a stable and natural sitting position without undue pressure on the spinal cord. The “horns” of the backrest also gave the inspiration for the name: the sacred deer that roam freely in the forests around Nara, Japan's first capital. Materials Lacquered oak with white base or black lacquered ash with black base. Dimensions in cm and weight in kg W: D: H: Cbm: Weight 32 42 180 0.27 10
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