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Timewatch Mirror

Timewatch Mirror yhdistää peilin ja kellon skandinaavisen vaatimattomalla ja eleettömällä tavalla.

Mitat: korkeus 34,4 cm, leveys 45,3 cm, syvyys 6 cm, peilin ø 32 cm

Materiaali: tammi, peili

Väri: tammi

Design: Agata Nowak

Valmistaja: Woud

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woud_Timewatch Mirror
149,00 €
  • WOUD
Designed by Agata Nowak Timewatch elegantly combines a mirror and a clock in two circular shapes. The design is all about modesty and simplicity, which also visible in the choice of materials. The clock has no numbers in order for you to place Timewatch in various positions on the wall. The simple design makes Timewatch an eminent addition for any interior environment. About the designer Agata Nowak is a young, upcoming designer from Poland. The starting point for Agata’s designs is a desire to respond to user needs or deal with new material or technology. Agata holds a Bachelor’s degree in Product and Furniture Design from De Montfort University in Leicester, England. She graduated her Master’s degree in Furniture design from the University of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland. Timewatch mirror EUR 149.00 FIND RETAILER ITEM NUMBER: 150009 HEIGHT 344 mm WIDTH/DEPTH 6 mm LENGTH 453 mm WEIGHT 1.18 kg VOLUME 0.01 m³ NO. OF BOXES 0.50 BOX LENGTH 515.00 mm BOX WIDTH/DEPTH 425.00 mm BOX HEIGHT 188.00 mm EAN 5712800004830 NO. OF PIECES PR. B2B BOX 2 BOX WEIGHT 2.06 kg
Hinta149,00 €