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Stochastic Pendant, metalli 48

Näyttävä ja kookas, moderni kattokruunu Stochastic on todellinen katseenvangitsija tiloissa joissa vaaditaan valaisimelta paljon. Valaisin koostuu 48 kpl lasikuvusta jotka muodostavat kimpun ja joka luo ympärilleen lämmintä, kirkasta valoa. Tämä valaisin vaatii ympärilleen sekä korkeutta että neliömetrejä. Hopeisten lasikupujen sijaan voit valita myös opaalilasiset kuvut, jos haluat valaisimen sellaisena, ota yhteyttä liikkeisiimme. Saatavilla on myös vielä enemmän valotehoa tarjoava versio.

Materiaali: ruostumaton teräs, puhallettu lasi

Mitat: varjostinosuuden Ø 40 cm, varjostinosuuden korkeus 60 cm,

koko valaisimen korkeus 110 cm, johtoineen korkeus 120cm -320 cm,

48 kpl lasipalloa a ø 8,7 cm

Väri: ruostumaton teräs, hopea, musta -kattokupu

Valonlähde: LED 25 W 2700K himmennettävissä oman sähköjärjestelmän mukaan

Design: Daniel Rybakke

Valmistaja: Luceplan

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luceplan_Stochastic Pendant40/48_metallized_D87CW
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STOCHASTIC design Daniel Rybakken Pendant lamp with sculptural, poetic effect The Stochastic pendant lamp by Luceplan was created by the Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken. The load-bearing parts dematerialise, adding a sculptural, poetic effect to the product. Glass spheres at different heights The pendant lamp consists of glass spheres arranged at different heights, allowing an infinite amount of different arrangements of the pendant lamp. The spheres are attached to rods of different lengths, which are hung from the structure as desired, resulting in completely new arrangements every time. The double power LED module inside the spheres ensures a soft, warm light. Endless possibilities The name stochastic, referring to a random process and the incalculable opportunities that arise every time, perfectly describes the pendant lamp with its infinite possibilities of suspension. A new lamp and unique product emerges every time. The glass spheres are available in different versions. Shipping and transport Delivery time FI 4-6 working days Shipping via DHL Standard Properties Item no. 132734 Questions about the product? Contact us! Details 48 spheres: Ø 40 cm, 60 cm; h max 120 cm, diameter of a sphere: 8,7 cm Material bars: steel, spheres: glass Stochastic designed by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan is a suspension lamp with an evocative character, which thanks to the dematerialization of the support elements and the volumetric breakdown takes on a theatrical, poetic character: not just functional quality, but also aesthetic and decorative refinement. Composed of glass spheres at different heights, the lamp permits infinite combinations, in a sort of “controlled freedom”: each sphere is connected to steel rods of different lengths, which are attached to the ceiling in a creative way, giving rise to always different light clusters. Hence the name Stochastic, indicating a random process, in reference to the different possibilities for combining the spheres in unexpected ways, each time leading to a different lamp, a one-of-a-kind creation. A game of imagination whose light source – a double high-efficiency LED module – is enclosed inside the spheres, generating warm, diffused indirect lighting, aimed both upward and downward. “Traditional chandeliers are usually designed with rigid symmetrical repetition of a single piece, such as a crystal prism. Stochastic also repeats the same object, but in an apparently random way, generating a special complexity. The LED source is positioned at the center of the cloud to create a contrast with the very light glass spheres. With the light source concealed, the light itself, reflected and refracted, becomes the true protagonist of the composition. As in the installation Layers (Paris – 2012), the individual objects become a single thing thanks to the complex play of lights at the center.” Daniel RybakkenColour Not specified Dimensions Diameter: 40 cm Weight 5.9 kg (without packaging) Canopy included No Safety class I Protection class IP 20 Voltage 230V/50Hz Dimmable Via external dimmer This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps of the class A++ to A (Energy efficiency classes: from A++ (very efficient) to E (less efficient)) Note: The LED bulbs can not be replaced. Maximum power 24 Watt Luminous flux 2360 lm/ Lumen Luminous color, color temperature 3000 K, warm white
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