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Edison the Grand valaisin

Fatboyn Edison the Grand on muotoilultaan selkeälinjainen ja niukkaeleinen, mutta samalla se vie koollaan katsojan kaiken huomion. Pop-taiteen hengessä valaisin on kuin suurennettu tavallinen pöytävalaisin, siinä on myös huumoria, myös Fatboyn punainen johto tuo kokonaisuuteen särmää. Korkeutta valaisimella on kokonaiset 90 cm ja se toimiikin tilan kuin tilan katseenvagitsijana. Edison the Grand -valaisin sopii niin sisä- kuin ulkokäyttöön, sen ainutlaatuisuus tuo parvekkeille, puutarhaan ja terassille oman toimivan lisänsä. Valaisimen mukana tulee kaukosäädin, jonka avulla sitä voidaan himmentää.

Mitat: ø 60 cm, korkeus 90 cm, punainen johto 7 m

Paino: 13 kg

Valonlähde: LED: IP 55, IP 44, Watt 14, Lumen 686, Lux 39,2

Materiaali: polyetyleenimuovi

Väri: valkoinen, punainen johto, punainen kaukosäädin

Valmistaja: Fatboy

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499,00 €
The Edison Collection is a tribute to the inventor of the electric light bulb (1879 , Thomas Edison, but Edison The Grand is a far cry from over-fussy Victoriana. Imagine the classic table lamp in an oversized format and you have Edison The Grand. This iconic lamp has three settings so you can adjust the brightness to create the ideal mood for your living room, garden or sundeck. LED technology lights up the whole lamp. And of course, there’s a Fatboy twist: the red electric lead matches our striking logo perfectly. Dimensions 60 cm Ø x 90 cm (h) Weight 13,0 kg Material Polyethylene Care Dirt- and moisture repellent, easy cleaning with lukewarm water and neutral soap The Lamp Edison The Medium from Fatboy is a lamp very trend. All dressed in white in a polyethylene soft and velvety, the lamp Edison The Medium texture is powered by a red cable of 3 m to the color of Fatboy. The Dutch brand had makes us discover the lamp Edison The Petit and the lamp Edison The Grand. Now, there is not "too big" or "too small", the "middle" size is nothing for you. Resistant to UV and weather, Edison The Medium is used outdoors, but take care of it, don't leave no exposed too long to the Sun when it is at its peak. For ultimate functionality, Fatboy included a red remote control (Remote control) to adjust, from your chair or your bath of Sun, the brightness level of your lamp (according to 3 levels of intensity), forever more elegance and comfort. Lightweight and ergonomic with a height of 52cm, it will ship very easily and will illuminate each place where you decide to install it to make shine your evenings and meals outdoors!
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